Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo Simulation is a powerful computational technique used to evaluate complex systems or processes based on randomness and probability. Named after the Casino de Monte-Carlo in Monaco, this method generates multiple scenarios to assess outcomes under uncertain conditions.

Our Monte Carlo Simulator application allows you to simulate financial market scenarios, projecting the potential growth or decline of capital over time. Originating from the 1940s Manhattan Project, this technique uses statistical methods to solve complex problems.

Monte Carlo Simulation

Monte Carlo Simulation

1. Download the session log of the system you want and paste it in the field or attach it directly. Make sure to use a broker that displays system statistics in English, such as NinjaTrader.

2. Select the start year and click “Load Chart” to visualize the original data.

3. Select the number of simulations and click “Run Simulations” to perform Monte Carlo simulations.

Max Drawdown: $0.00

Average Drawdown: $0.00

Median Drawdown: $0.00

Max Drawdown: $0.00

Min Drawdown: $0.00

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