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Liderbot is at the forefront of algorithmic trading futures, offering institutional investors and professional traders a vast selection of automated trading systems and unparalleled experience. Choose from a diverse range of trading systems for various markets and commodities.

Liderbot has consistently delivered exceptional results for its clients, optimizing their investments, enhancing performance, and providing a secure environment for automated trading.

Our Purpose

Empower traders worldwide with innovative algorithmic trading solutions, maximizing investments through cutting-edge technology and transparent practices.

Core Values

We are committed to transparency, excellence in strategy development, and continuous innovation in algorithmic trading technology.

Our Vision

To be the global leader in algorithmic trading futures, setting the standard for performance, reliability, and client satisfaction.

Liderbot offers a decade of expertise in algorithmic trading solutions. We start creating our systems during 2013 until now. Trust our cutting-edge technology for market success.

Javier González-Barros, CFTe

Trading Systems Developer


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