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Download the session log of the system you want and paste it in the field or attach it directly. Make sure to use a broker that displays system statistics in English, such as NinjaTrader. This tool takes care of discarding irrelevant information. Do this for all the systems you want. If you want to start a new simulation, just refresh the page and add the data again.

It is important to verify that the selected portfolio appears correctly twice. Any variation may have an impact on the accuracy of certain values calculated by a graph or any other aspect.

Trading with systems that have more than 4 years of verified and audited results puts the odds in your favor.

Algorithmic Portfolio

Algorithmic Portfolio

1. Enter your system data in the text area.

2. Adjust the multiplier if needed.

3. To load data from a file, select the file using the “Choose File” button.

4. Select the starting year for the calculations.

5. Click “Generate Charts” to visualize your portfolio charts.

Net Profit: $
Maximum Drawdown: $
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