The application you need to create a portfolio of systems.

This application is created to input data from brokers that operate with the U.S. dollar as their reference currency and dates are in Month/Day/Year format (MM/DD/YYYY). We recommend using NinjaTrader to download Excel sheets and copy the entire content from the Excel page for added result accuracy.

Download the Session log and open the Excel sheet of any system. Then, select all the data. The system takes care of discarding irrelevant information. Do this for all the systems you want. If you want to add more units of a system, simply add them in a separate field. If you want to start a new simulation, just refresh the page and add the data again.

It is important to verify that the selected portfolio appears correctly twice. Any variation may have an impact on the accuracy of certain values calculated by a graph or any other aspect.

Trading with systems that have more than 4 years of verified and audited results puts the odds in your favor.

Refresh the page to create a new portfolio again.

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We offer a flexible license with a duration of 20 years, allowing you to maximize your long-term profitability. This is our way of thanking you for trusting in us and giving you the opportunity to continue growing.