Who is Ed Seykota?

Seykota's breakthrough came when he started developing computer programs to analyze market data and generate trading signals.



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Ed Seykota is one of the pioneers of computerized trading systems and a legendary figure in the world of trading. His innovative approaches and profound insights into the psychological aspects of trading have significantly influenced modern trading methods, particularly in the futures markets.

Education and Early Years

Ed Seykota was born in 1946 and grew up in the United States. He attended MIT, where he earned degrees in Electrical Engineering and Management during the late 1960s and early 1970s. It was at MIT where Seykota's interest in the stock market began to flourish. He was particularly fascinated by the potential for using emerging computer technology to improve the process of market analysis and trading.

Professional Career

After completing his education, Seykota began his career working at a major brokerage firm. It was here that he developed one of the first commercial backtesting and trading application systems, leveraging his knowledge in computer engineering. His early success at automating trading strategies using punched card computers to test ideas on trading systems marked a significant advancement in the trading field.

In the early 1970s, Ed Seykota moved to a trading firm in Lake Tahoe, where he further refined his computer models and trading philosophies. His work during this period led to groundbreaking results in trading using mechanical trend-following systems that generated exceptionally high returns.

Trading Philosophy and Techniques

Seykota is a firm believer in technical analysis and systematic trading to manage market risks. He is known for using and refining trend following systems which involve mathematical models for buying and selling commodities and securities based on moving price trends. His trading philosophy emphasizes the importance of risk management, personal psychology, and the consistent application of a well-tested trading system.

Contributions to Trading Psychology

Ed Seykota has also made significant contributions to the psychological aspects of trading. He is the originator of the concept of "The Trading Tribe," which is an association of traders who commit to achieving personal growth and supporting each other in implementing proper trading habits. Seykota's work in this area focuses on the importance of emotional and psychological factors as they relate to trading decisions and discipline.

Books and Publications

While Ed Seykota has not authored any books himself, he features prominently in the best-selling book, "Market Wizards" by Jack D. Schwager. In this book, his innovative trading style and philosophical insights are highlighted through an extensive interview that explores his methods and trading psychology.

Legacy and Continuing Influence

Ed Seykota's influence on the trading world is profound. His early adoption and development of computerized trading systems have paved the way for the quantitative trading methods that are prevalent in today's financial markets. Furthermore, his emphasis on the psychological components of trading has led many traders to focus more on self-awareness and emotional discipline as key elements of successful trading.

Ed Seykota remains an active trader and continues to explore trading systems, while also focusing on personal growth and environmental sustainability projects. His legacy is characterized by his contributions to trading technology, his philosophical approach to the markets, and his mentoring of future traders.

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