Enhancing Trading System Development

Market success hinges on the time and effort dedicated to refining trading strategies, requiring continuous research and commitment.



11/19/20232 min read


The creation of trading systems is a task that demands significant dedication, blending research, creativity, and discipline. This endeavor evolves into a continuous activity, always presenting new aspects to explore or improve, whether it's an innovative entry strategy, adjustments in exit points, or enhancements in trailing stops. When embarking on automated trading systems, understanding two fundamental aspects before investing our capital is crucial:

Strategy Development Commitment

Success in the market correlates directly with the time and effort invested in developing our trading strategy. This process necessitates ongoing research and a steadfast commitment to stay abreast of the latest market trends and developments.

Discipline in Execution

It is paramount to refrain from impulsive adjustments during active market hours. Strategy alterations and enhancements should occur outside market hours, thus avoiding the emotional stress of making real-time decisions with our capital at stake.

Armed with these principles, the path to a successful strategy becomes evident through relentless research, dedicated time, and disciplined execution. To aid in this journey, various information sources offer insights, principles, and even codes for trading systems.

Specialized Trading Publications

Leading Journals in Trading

  • Futures Magazine: Renowned for its broad scope and editorial quality, it covers advice, interviews, and current market topics.

  • Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities: Globally recognized for its accessible variety of articles, providing applicable trading ideas in straightforward language.

  • Traders’ Magazine: Particularly pertinent for the European audience, it delivers content focused on European markets, ideal for those developing trading systems in these regions.

  • Futures Truth: Despite its informal format, it imparts valuable information on the most popular trading systems, including rankings and developer interviews.

  • Wilmott Magazine: Distinctly focused on quantitative finance, it is perfect for those looking to delve into the quantitative aspects of trading.

  • Active Trader: Catering to the professional trader, it offers high-quality information necessitating advanced market knowledge for full utilization.

General Finance and Economy Resources

  • The Economist: Provides deep analyses on global economy, politics, and finance, essential for traders seeking a comprehensive understanding of the markets.

  • Bloomberg Markets: Covers a wide spectrum of financial news and market analysis, proving invaluable for keeping up with the latest trends.

  • Barron's: Offers in-depth analysis of financial markets and investment strategies, famed for its fund rankings and market predictions.

  • The Wall Street Journal: Essential for daily updates on markets and economic analysis, key for staying informed on events influencing financial markets.

  • Financial Times: Provides a global perspective on financial news and capital markets, valuable for those aiming to diversify their investment strategies.

These publications supply a vast array of articles on trading systems, system codes, and interviews with developers. Interviews with experienced traders are particularly invaluable, offering unique and practical insights on how to approach research and strategy development in trading.

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