Nick Radge is a respected figure in the financial trading community, well-known for his expertise in trend following strategies and technical analysis.


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Nick Radge is a well-respected figure in the trading community, known for his expertise in technical analysis and momentum-based trading strategies. He has a significant impact on traders worldwide through his books, educational programs, and advisory services.

Education and Early Years

Nick Radge began his career in the finance industry in 1985, working on the trading floor of the Sydney Futures Exchange. This early experience provided him with a hands-on understanding of market mechanics and trading pressures, setting the foundation for his future in trading and strategy development.

Professional Career

After his stint on the trading floor, Nick transitioned into roles that allowed him to refine his technical analysis skills. He spent time as a derivatives broker and later moved into advisory roles, where he could apply and share his growing expertise in trading strategies.

Nick is the Head of Trading and Research at The Chartist, a stock market advisory service that he founded. The Chartist provides trading recommendations based on quantitative, momentum-based strategies that Nick has developed over his many years in the markets. His approach focuses on risk management and systematic trading, which aims to reduce emotional decision-making and improve trading outcomes.

Books and Publications

Nick Radge has authored several influential books aimed at educating traders on effective strategies and approaches to the stock market. Some of his notable publications include:

  • "Unholy Grails - A New Road to Wealth" – This book focuses on various momentum strategies that have proven to be effective over time. Nick discusses the importance of following the trend and using backtesting to validate strategies.

  • "The Chartist" – In addition to his book, his ongoing work with The Chartist includes newsletters and reports that provide actionable trading insights and education on technical analysis.

  • "Adaptive Analysis for Australian Stocks" – This book offers specific insights into trading Australian stocks, adapting common trading strategies to local market conditions.

Educational Contributions

Nick Radge is passionate about educating traders and investors to make more informed decisions. Through his website and various speaking engagements, Nick offers courses and training programs that cover essential aspects of trading such as technical analysis, system design, and risk management.

Personal Life

While much of Nick’s life outside of his professional sphere is kept private, he occasionally shares insights into his personal investments and trading philosophy, which mirror his disciplined and systematic approach to the markets.

Legacy and Continuing Influence

Nick Radge’s influence in the trading community is underscored by his commitment to teaching and his focus on developing robust trading systems that withstand various market conditions. His advocacy for systematic trading and risk management helps traders around the world achieve consistency and longevity in their trading careers.

Nick continues to contribute to the field by developing new strategies, offering insights via The Chartist, and mentoring traders and investors who seek to improve their trading skills and financial understanding. His work has established him as a trusted voice in the realm of stock market trading and analysis.