Lider portfolio in 2024

Lider portfolio

System & Number of Units

Emidia mini nasdaq 2 Units
Joseja mini nasdaq 2 Units
Bayona mini nasdaq 2 Units
Bayona mini nasdaq(2) 2 Units
Bayona mini nasdaq(4) 2 Units
Gaby mini dow 3 Units
Bora Bora Mini Sp 4 Units
Bayona bund 12 Units
Gaby mini nasdaq 1 Units
Nigran crude 4 Units
Nigran mini russell 4 Units
Emidia heating oil 4 Units
Gondomar copper 4 Units
Jose gas natural 4 Units


This is not an investment recommendation. It should be interpreted for educational purposes to demonstrate the customized portfolios that can be created with Lider Insights.

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