Who is Larry Connors?

Larry Connors stands as a towering figure in the realm of trading and investing, revered for his profound impact on the industry. With a wealth of knowledge ...



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Larry Connors is a prominent figure in the financial world, particularly known for his work in developing trading strategies that leverage statistical and quantitative analysis. Unlike traditional traders who might rely on fundamental or technical analysis, Connors has carved out a niche in the trading community by focusing on short-term trading strategies that are both innovative and data-driven.

Education and Early Years

Larry Connors grew up with a keen interest in the stock market and finance. Although specific details about his early education are not widely publicized, his professional life reflects a deep understanding of market dynamics and a strong background in statistical analysis.

Professional Career

Connors began his career working at the brokerage firm Merrill Lynch, where he gained significant insight into the financial markets. His experience at Merrill Lynch set the foundation for his future endeavors in market research and strategy development.

In the 1990s, Larry Connors founded TradingMarkets.com, a website dedicated to providing market education to traders and investors. Through this platform, he was able to share his trading strategies, which are particularly noted for their use of the Relative Strength Index (RSI) to gauge market conditions and identify trading opportunities.

Investment Philosophy

Larry Connors' investment philosophy is centered around the development of short-term trading strategies that utilize quantifiable data to make trading decisions. One of his most well-known strategies is the "Connors RSI," which he developed to enhance the traditional Relative Strength Index by incorporating elements like the magnitude of price change and the duration of up/down price movements.

Books and Publications

Larry Connors has authored several influential books on trading strategies, which have contributed significantly to the field of quantitative trading. Some of his notable publications include:

  • "Street Smarts: High Probability Short-Term Trading Strategies" co-authored with Linda Bradford Raschke. This book is highly regarded in the trading community for its insights into short-term market behaviors.

  • "Short Term Trading Strategies That Work" – a book that delves into the specifics of short-term trading tactics and the statistical research supporting them.

Educational Contributions

Beyond trading and writing, Connors has been committed to educating traders. Through TradingMarkets.com and various seminars and webinars, he has taught thousands of traders how to apply his strategies effectively. His educational programs often focus on the practical application of statistical methods to achieve trading success.

Personal Life

Details about Larry Connors’ personal life are relatively private. However, his professional achievements and contributions to the trading industry are well-documented and widely respected.

Legacy and Continuing Influence

Larry Connors continues to influence the trading world through his research, publications, and the educational content he provides. His work has helped many traders understand and implement quantitative techniques to improve their trading decisions, making him a respected figure in the quantitative trading community.

Larry Connors exemplifies how a focus on data-driven strategies and an educational approach to trading can not only create successful individual trading strategies but also empower others in the market to enhance their trading techniques.

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