iSystems: Marketplace for Automated Trading Strategies

There are platforms like iSystems that allow you to observe the automatic systems for financial futures that are performing best.


Javier González-Barros, CFTe

3/7/20244 min read

a logo for the isystems
a logo for the isystems

Automated trading continues to grow, with more and more people seeking to educate themselves either through self-study or by taking courses from so-called algorithmic trading "gurus." The truth is, this is a field best learned on one's own. Through trial and error, you end up learning more than from any course on offer. The reason is quite simple: each course presents a vision according to its author's perspective. Many set "rules" about what to do and what not to do. If we follow these instructions, we stop testing ideas that could work just because the person advocating them didn't fully explore them.

How difficult is it to create automated systems?

Creating systems is exceedingly difficult during the first 4 or 5 years (if dedicating full time to it), but then the learning curve becomes more exponential, and the good thing is we don't know where the limit lies. For all those who want to save themselves those years of hardship and save the money from so many courses, there are platforms like iSystems that allow you to observe the automatic systems for financial futures that are performing best (as well as those that are not).

What is iSystems?

It's a platform that publishes all the systems from experts in the field, who refuse to charge for and pay for courses. It's an open window for professional traders and institutional investors who can't afford the luxury of a 4 to 5-year personnel investment to achieve acceptable results in their systems. It's the tool that offers the ability to invest both in rising and falling markets automatically, regardless, as they say in "The Wolf of Wall Street" movie, whether the market goes up, down, or moves in circles.

Competitive Advantage of iSystems Trading Platform

The main advantage it offers is the posibility to observe how systems have performed once they've been created. The developer pushes the bike, and the quality of the algorithm and the parameters used will show if it was pushed with the right force or if the child has taken a tumble.

Benefits of Algos

This is an interesting topic because when talking about benefits, we should ask: benefits for whom? For those operating the systems by creating a portfolio of systems that have worked well, in that case, there are many benefits; you forget about everything and see how your capital evolves. For discretionary traders looking to improve their strategies? It makes no sense; the market will destroy your account because there is no tested system.

high-rise building
high-rise building

Getting Started with iSystems

The first step to using the iSystems platform is to register directly on the platform or open an account with one of the several brokers available, like NinjaTrader, iBroker, etc. You can see all the available brokers below this article. Choose the one you like best.

Strategy Selection

iSystems makes the process of choosing strategies simple through the filters you can find in your broker's marketplace. You can filter by system type, ROI, suggested capital, required capital, assets, etc. Each system has its statistics history card, allowing investors to select the one that best fits their objectives and risk tolerance. The system's outcome shows the net result, discounting commissions, slippage, and the developer's license fee. Absolute transparency.

The Importance of History For select the systems

It will depend on the capital you want to invest. Ideally, you should operate according to the suggested capital, not the required one. It's easier to manage psychologically. If your mindset is all-in, at least have double the required capital.

Brokers Associated for Trading with iSystems iSystems collaborates with a variety of brokers, making it accessible to anyone, regardless of where they live or which has better conditions. That's up to each individual. You can trade futures on commodities like Crude Oil, silver, gold,, Natural Gas, bonds, like the German Bund, indices like the NASDAQ, SP500, Russell, DAX, CAC, IBEX, Nikkei, and currencies like the pound or the euro.

iSystems offers you the ability to invest with tools that institutional investors have. Within the field of algorithmic trading, it is the most serious and transparent option you can find.

a man sitting at a desk with a laptop computer
a man sitting at a desk with a laptop computer

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